Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1st Ashtead (Pelham) Scout Group treats your privacy rights seriously. This privacy policy sets out how we will deal with all personal information, that is, information that could identify, or is related to your individual identity.

What Personal Information do we Collect?

When a young person or an adult volunteer expresses an interest in joining the Scout Association you will be asked to provide certain information, which may include:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • E mail address
  • Contact number
  • Health information
  • Disability information (only that which is relevant to scouting)
  • Emergency contact details
  • Ethnicity and religion (should you choose to declare it)
  • Payment details and Gift Aid records, where provided
  • We collect a subset of this data for those hiring our Scout hall and equipment.

How do we Collect This Personal Information?

All information collected is obtained directly from you or from a parent/guardian for young people under 16 years of age. This is usually at the point of initial interest (even if there is a waiting list) but may arise from subsequent updates or as information provided for specific activities. The information will be collected either as a paper record, e-mail or directly onto electronic forms or interest forms attached to District or Scout Group websites. You will be required as a parent or volunteer to provide consent for us to store and use your personal, or the young persons’ data. Your consent is required in order to ensure our compliance with data protection legislation.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

  • To keep you informed of Scout activities and services to you or your child.
  • For administration, planning and management.
  • To communicate with you about events and activities.
  • To monitor training, develop and improve provision for all Scouting activities.
  • To contact you in the event of an emergency.
  • To report at an aggregate level details of our membership for the annual Scout Association Census

We’ll send messages by e mail, other digital methods e.g. OSM or telephone to advise you of events and activities.

Who Do We Share Your Personal Information With?

We may disclose information about you, including personal information:

  • Internally – to other members of the Scout Association (Locally or Centrally with Scout Headquarters).
  • If we have a statutory duty to disclose it for other legal and regulatory reasons.

Where we need to share your information outside of Scouting we will seek your permission and inform you as to whom the information will be shared with and for what purpose.

How Long Do We Keep You Personal Information?

  • We need to keep your information for as long as you are involved so that we can provide good Scouting to young people and adult volunteers.
  • The exceptions to this are instances where there may be legal or insurance circumstances that require information to be held for longer whilst this is investigated or resolved. Where this is the case then the member/s will be informed as to how long the information will be held for and when it is deleted.
  • How Your Information can be Updated or Corrected?

    It is your responsibility to update your information in the event of any changes by letting your Group Scout Leader or Section Leader know.

    How do we Store Your Personal Information?

    • On paper
    • On local personal computers, tablets, iPads
    • On cloud-based servers
    • Information is held on a secure database OSM (Online Scout Manager)
    • The Scout Association have a database known as COMPASS. This is used to monitor membership for the purpose of paying affiliation fees for youth members and service records for adult volunteers.
      Both of these systems are GDPR compliant.

    Availability and Changes To This Policy

    This policy may change from time to time. The latest version will be published on our website


    If you have any queries about this policy, need it in an alternative format, or have any complaints about our privacy policy practices, please contact us:


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